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Spicy Watermelon Mezcal Punch

Spicy Watermelon Mezcal Punch

Spicy jalapeño and smoky mezcal pair perfectly with cooling mint and refreshing watermelon juice in the perfect punch to beat the summer heat. Minimal prep required for this beautiful, complex and simply delicious summer recipe that can easily be scaled up if you’re inviting the whole neighborhood over for your summer soiree.

Punch Recipe (Makes 12 8 oz drinks)

  • 750 ML Del Maguey Vida Mezcal
  • 6 oz Cointreau
  • 24 oz fresh watermelon juice
  • 6 oz lime juice
  • 48 fresh mint leaves, torn (or basil)
  • 1 jalapeno, sliced
  • 3 11 oz cans of San Pellegrino Blood Orange soda
  • 1 blood orange, cut into wheels

Salt Rim & Garnish

  • Tajin, or chili powder
  • Kosher salt
  • Blood orange wheels, dehydrated or fresh to garnish

Method: Stir in punch bowl

Glass: Salt-rimmed punch cup or tumbler

Garnish: Blood orange wheels

Muddle the mint leaves, sliced jalapeño and lime juice in a mixing glass and strain into the punch bowl. Add the bottle of mezcal, cointreau, watermelon juice, blood orange soda, and blood orange wheels remaining ingredients and stir. You can make this ahead of time on the day of your party and refrigerate.

For the salt rim, mix together equal parts tajin and salt on a plate. When serving the punch, run a lime wedge around the rim of each glass and then dip the rim into your tajin salt blend at an angle and roll it side to side. Add ice to the glass, ladle in the punch and add a dehydrated blood orange wheel to garnish.

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